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Who ?

Are you our target member ?

We connect bootstraped startup founders who have paying customers (from 0 to 50K monthly revenue)

You have no ego and you care

You understand that talking with other ambitious founders is the best way of leveling up your business

You don’t give opinion and share experiences with empathy

You build in public, you share openly with others

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What the say about Tchin 😅

How we make you grow your startup ?

By solving your current issues

Getting feedbacks from people who already had those issues.

Our awesome features
By pitching other founders

Pitching to other helps achieve a clear value proposition, finding holes in the business model and getting in touch with the right people that can help accelerate business growth.

Our awesome features
Spend less time looking

Spend less time looking for people, we match you everyweek with a new founder.

Our awesome features

What ?

What is Tchin ?

A service of matching and automatic booking meeting with other like-minded founders

Find answers to your problems

Create your network of like-minded founders. Achieve your product market fit by pitching and being challenged.

Meet a new founder every week

No time spent booking a slot and looking for like-minded startup founders. Always new relevant founders to meet.

Why ?

Why we believe you will use Tchin ?

Growing your skills by learning from other founders.

Boost your ambition and motivation.

No more useless networking, meet link minded founders.

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